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Spring 2023 Issue


RH Blyth Award

Editors Choice

Neo-Classical Haiku

Neo-Classical Haiku Page 2

Neo-Classical Page 3

Shintai Haiku

Shintai Haiku Page 2

Vanguard Haiku

Vanguard Haiku Page 2

Vanguard Haiku Page 3

Vanguard Haiku Page 4

From the Editor’s Desk


One Hundred Haijin – Sugita Hisajo 2

General Common Room

WHR Winter 2021-22 Issue

Watercolour by Anita Virgil


Editors Choice Haiku – cherry blossoms

Neo-classical Haiku, page 1

Neo-classical Haiku, page 2

Neo-classical Haiku, page 3

Neo-classical Haiku, page 4

Shintai Haiku, page 1

Shintai Haiku, page 2

Vanguard Haiku, page 1

Vanguard Haiku, page 2

Vanguard Haiku, page 3

Vanguard Haiku, page 4

Haibun – What’s in a name

From the Editors Desk – Occasional Fragments

From the Editors Desk – In Memory of Anita Virgil

Anita Virgil – Mushrooms

One Hundred Haijun – Sugita Hisajo

General Common Room

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Summer 2021 issue

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Visiting Shiki’s House

What is Hard Haiku?

If You Think you know Basho’s Frog, Read This

This is the New Website of World Haiku Review

World Haiku Review has published for thirteen years and 27 issues from a google site but this time, when the site updated to another version, all the formatting was completely lost. We had no control over this and to correct and renew all those pages was too monumental and daunting a task for which this editor had neither the time nor the energy. Perhaps, over time, we will include those issues in the WHR Archives for your reading pleasure.

WHR is therefore beginning anew over here and there are several advantages to this move. You can now leave comments on the pages. You can follow or put in your email to subscribe so that you will automatically recieve new articles and submission calls in your mailbox.

Enjoy this new incarnation of one of haiku’s oldest English language magazines, publishing since 2001.

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