Vanguard Haiku, page 3

WHR Summer 2021, Haiku page 6, Vanguard – page 3

Grandpa gone
who now will cull
the garden weeds

William Scott Galasso

the crumpled stillness
of the hare

Mike Gallagher

father’s death . . .
piercing the room
pandemic moon

Goran Gatalica

frozen track to Auschwitz
as I pass over
echoes in the rails .

Paul Goggins

quiet morning
a dead dove covered
with snow

Nikolay Grankin

nightingale sings
a swan song

Sherry Grant

cancer ward
moving from one wig
to another

Sherry Grant

your absence
the loneliness
in every room

Eufemia Griffo

funeral wake
an old family rosary
on an empty chair

Eufemia Griffo

when I am blind
I’ll recall the vista here
and I will see

Jim Grotkowski

social distancing
letting seawater touch
my whole being

John J. Han

hints of mortality
my doctor explains
dead skin cells

John J. Han

in amongst blackened tussocks
hints of green

Simon Hanson

slow day
picking out songs
for my funeral

John Hawkhead

home from hospice
tall and wild

Karin Hedetniemi

dad’s old binoculars
which end should I look
at death from

Vladislav Hristov

family photo
the dead
are smiling too

Vladislav Hristov

covid winter
coffins end on end
fill freshly dug trenches

Marilyn Humbert

fields of bones
a chill wind rattles
unfulfilled hopes

Marilyn Humbert

lush grass
the moon turns green
with envy

Mona Iordan

deserted hamlet –
even the cemetery
slowly dies

Dan Iulian

falling leaves –
the first lesson
about afterlife

Dan Iulian

the cortege leaves
under a pink sky
cherry blossom canopy

Lakshmi Iyer

crumbling cemetery
a crow replaces
the angel’s head

David Jacobs

year two of the pandemic
the barista forgets
my chocolate sprinkles

David Jacobs

all souls’ day
cold loneliness
in ten directions

Damir Janjalija

spring without grandpa
in his wall clock the cuckoo
still singing

Kristina Todorova Kaneva

I do not fear death
I only fear of the pain
Before and after

Rami Khatib

decaying townhouse
empty flower basket

Noel King

dark clouds
above the funeral pyre
unshed tears

Ravi Kiran

in his breath

Ravi Kiran

how strange
I never think of death
like part of me

Nadejda Kostadinova

misty evening
home for dementia care
coming into view

Nina Kovačić

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