Neo-Classical Haiku 3

WHR Spring 2023

Neo-Classical Haiku, page 3

sunless winter
missing warmth
in his words

Vipanjeet Kaur

barely spring
rotten apples in the garden
where snowdrops grow

Nadejda Kostadinova

war induced blackouts
countless flickering candles—
Christmas in Ukraine

Priscilla H. Lignori

warriors trekking
to the next struggle
crushed crocuses

Heather Lurie

under the lilac
scented raindrops falling on
our noses

Urszula Marciniak

first crocuses
back in its box

Scott Mason

unrelenting spring
war poetry in the streets…
nineteen sixty-eight

David McMurray

sky blue
forest floor
I pick a bluebell

Wilda Morris

Cherry blossoms fall,
War drums beat in the distance,
Peace a distant dream.

Mantripragada Yaswanth Bhanu Murthy

Kharkiv rubble
half a butterfly
still trying to fly

Orense Nicod

morning coffee
a lady bug feasting on
petunia pot

Franjo Ordanić

first day of spring
the sweet smell
of a newborn

Sasha A. Palmer

Winter frost stings
in this cold new country
birds fly mourning towards home

Maya Pressnall

cyclone, dripping tap
broken water pipe
and dreams of drought

Jenny Pyatt

still graceful . . .
falling cherry blossoms
on ailing world’s soil

Milan Rajkumar

daggers hang from eaves
in winter’s wonderland–
icy menace

Sondra Rosenberg

Frost-hard gardens
once thought lost now start to thaw:
new roots shoot up unharmed

Tim Scott

winter sunrise
inside my socks
growing toenails

Richa Sharma

early spring
young girls talking

Adelaide B. Shaw

war-torn village
the blush of the rose hips
after first snow

Tomislav Sjekloća

harvesting the fields
of Gettysburg
this red earth

Joshua St. Claire

On a morning walk,
I am awed by a pearl of life:
dew-drop on a leaf.

Charles Alfred Tatahu

I almost forgot
how dew drops glisten…
long wailing siren

Diana Teneva

greening grass—
even the neighbor checks out
the death cap

Richard Tice


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