Vanguard Haiku 3

WHR Spring 2023

Vanguard Haiku, page 3

spring rainbow…
only screams at the ends
of missile trajectories

Richard L. Matta

Eastern front –
still in the palm of the hand
the wife’s picture

Cristian Matei

One fleeting moment
A war so endlessly bleak
Tears of rushing fear

Nina Martinez

tank tracks stain the snow
of stolen ground

Rob McKinnon

Some people hope for
The end of war or maybe
The world reborn

Cristina-Teodora Mirevut

Birds and drones
in free fall –
war in Ukraine

Vasile Moldovan

spring conscription
a man slaps his son
across the face

Tim Murphy

amidst the shining stars
I fought in the greatest battle
now I tend my garden

Alex Gurevich

war photo
the toothbrush next to
a blurred body

John J. Han

the poor boy misses
the banquets before the war
and his dead brothers

Sakari Happonen

skylarks singing
climbing disappearing
roar of fighter jets

Christer Hansson

fast rolling clouds
behind tall pines —
news of war

Karin Hedetniemi

dawn skirmish
the pianist improvises
a tourniquet

Jonathan Humphrey

war debris
she will never gather

Jonathan Humphrey

A mother’s tears fall
Soon the white blessed moon will come
Death will take her child

Sheena Hussain

a lone child crawls
in the makeshift cabin

Lakshmi Iyer

New Year’s fireworks
the blackout curtains
of the refugee home

Kristina Todorova Kaneva

losing ground
to moss and lichens—
the soldier’s death date

Julie Bloss Kelsey

the air-raid siren
pregnant silence

Ravi Kiran

spring song
only a breeze creaks
on the half-burnt swing

Anju Kishore

chasing butterflies
on a minefield
charred limbs

Anju Kishore

Bomb Shelter in Vilnius

I feel your hair
sweeping over
my corpse

Kerry Keys

sunken skies
over the soldiers’ graves …
unborn children

Natalia Kuznetsova

silent tears …
a girl at the bombed-out house
comforting her doll

Natalia Kuznetsova

war siren –
only her teddy bear
with open eyes

Capotă Daniela Lăcrămioara

gray-white plumage
puffed with self-importance
guarding the driftwood

Jenna Le

Mind alone creates
And all its children

Hunter Liguore

bombs fall like rain
scars left on earth and hearts
hope buried in rubble

Michael Nyanumba

war-torn village
silent screams echo in air
nature reclaims peace

Michael Nyanumba

soldiers march on
echoes of mothers’ tears
war takes its toll

Michael Nyanumba

After the war
you won’t believe this was
a neighborhood once full of kids

Chiwenite Onyekwelu

Continued on page 4


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